App To Manage Your Schools

Manage all your School or Institution operations from admission of new students to generating transfer certificates when students complete their studies. Visual Academy School ERP has modules to manage Timetable, Attendance, Examinations, Gradebooks, Campus News, Hostel, Library, Transportation, School Calendar, Events and many more.

It has a fully-fledged Human Resource module to manage the payroll and employee pay slips. The Finance module helps you to plan and allot different fee structures to students.
Supports Multi-School, which allows you to track all your institutions from one Dashboard. Free SMS and Emails sending from the software system.

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Visual Academy Core Features

Awesome features with good looking dashboards, intuitive and friendly user interfaces. Very functional and easy to use software to get your job done.


Student Admission

Student admission process automates the various steps involved in admission of students, including registration, subjects assignment, document submission, advance fee submission, and batch allotment.


Student Information

Student profile can be checked for fees, assigned activities daily remarks, attendance, academic results and others. Administrator can filter the data based on the search criteria and generate required student reports.


Examination & Gradebook

A flexible examination module allows all type of institutions to set up and manage various kind of grading systems for the courses they run, be it general CWA, GPA pattern.


Student Parent Login

Students can submit assignments, participate in discussions, communicate and check their progress.
Parents can keep a track of student’s attendance and check the exam related reports for their students.


Timetable Generator

Save huge amount of your valuable time by generating timetables of hundreds of batches under a minute with just a few clicks. The generated timetable incorporates the scenarios that schools commonly face like subjects and teacher allocation clashes.



Visual Academy provides teachers a convenient way to track the attendance of students either subject wise or day wise.
Record Attendance for both Students and Teachers manually or through biometric device integration with Visual Academy.


Library Management

Librarian of your institution can organize and manage books with all details available for the books. Students can search the book details from their dashboard and issue or reserve books. Librarian can tally records by generating the list of books issued or due for a duration.


Finance and Fees

Visual Academy incorporates all types of fee structures followed by different institutions worldwide.
Fees setup can be done based on student category or for a complete course in a few clicks. Fees can be collected online by integrating Visual Academy with Payment Gateways available in our system.


Human Resource

The institution can manage their employees completely starting from their admission to leaves management, payroll assignment , payslips generation and more. Payroll setup can be done for variations of earnings and deductions. Instant amount changes in payroll is supported.

More Features

Visual Academy Software more features.

Inventory & Discipline

module adds lot of functionality in managing indents and purchasing items for the institution. Entire process is tracked and can be analysed in future for verification.

• Store items can be managed and the employees can raise indents whenever items are required, Store manager can also add stores, store items, raise indents, raise purchase orders, create GRN notes etc

Is the key to bring a standardised structure within an institution/organisation. Visual Academy has enhanced discipline module specifically designed to file disciplinary complaints.

• Users can file a complaint or issue against teachers or students. Assign Employees and students responsible for solving the issue. Upload proof/evidence information like attachments, photos, documents etc. Mark actions based on discussions and solutions for the disciplinary complaint.


Doc Manager & Audit

can manage all students or employees documents in folders, which can be downloaded by users and processed further.

• Documents or folders can be shared to targeted users to distribute the planned classroom activities or lecture plan. User-specific docs can be created to add documents for a student/employee.

helps in checking all activities associated with the school which can be tracked using the logs.

• A track of all log activities can be maintained to check how the users are performing in different departments like finance activities, managing user accounts and scheduling or deleting activities related to the core data. Fees can be tracked to specific student profiles as well as teacher profiles. The admin can clearly track all activities each user performs when it comes to fee transactions. The information on scheduling fee collection, collecting fees and reverting the fee collected is listed in logs.

Assignment & Reminder

The Assignment plugin is designed to help teachers distribute homework and assignments to students, collect completed work, review it and provide feedback to students.

• When distributing work, teachers can attach digital content such as, word-processed documents, spreadsheets, and images. Teachers can instruct students to submit their work as an uploaded file, or as direct text information.

The reminder module in Visual Academy alerts the users about any upcoming institutional events or any occasions via SMS or email.

• Admin can set reminder as many times about any type of upcoming activities in your school/institution. Most powerful use of the reminder module is in scheduling fee collections in your institute.