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Software to manage all kinds of health centers from small, medium to large. Flexible with all operations from basic to more advanced surrounding Health Centers.



Manage all Hospital operations from patient registration, consultation, lab test, In/Out patient and payment processes.!



Support Clinics that provide health services. From Primary clinics, Specialized clinics, Mental Health clinics, Mobile clinics and others !



Run all operations of your dispensary and keep track and record all data of the patients for easy transfer to hospitals.!


Electronic Medical Record

Online hospital information system is useful for doctors, as it helps them check about patient appointments easily. Furthermore, doctors can analyse a patient’s medical case by accessing their medical history online. Also, lab reports and tests can be accessed electronically. If different doctors are working on a single case, they can collaborate and share insights through Centrik Health Software.

  • Improved patient care
  • Faster support for patients
  • Time-saving Technology
  • Improved Efficiency by avoiding human errors
  • Data security and correct Data retrieval
  • Maintain the medical and contact records of the patient
  • Tracking the bill payments
  • Save the insurance information for later reference
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Laboratory Management

Comprehensive Lab Management handles complete order management, Custom Reports, Smart Notifications, Credit Settlement, detailed MIS Reports and Analytics.
The lab management system featured with test requests that begin with orders raised by Physicians; to collection of samples, to the processing of the orders, and finally making the results. All these transactions are electronically managed and made available for viewing on the Physicians screens. Critical decisions based on the test results are also made available in this laboratory information system

  • Handling of Biochemistry, Microbiology and other lab sections
  • Better efficiency of hospital lab operations
  • Investigation history tracking
  • Sample management
  • Reporting
  • Billing
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Inventory Management

Inventory Management module of our hospital management system is used for inventory store management. All hospital stocks along with medicine counter stocks can be readily managed in this module. Stock transactions, issue and returns- every detail can be captured to administer the stock status and utilization.

  • Maintain MRN and Issue slips
  • Maintain Purchase order with due dates of delivery
  • Maintaining Stock, Reorder levels and show appropriate
  • Bills can be adjusted against the payments made at other
  • Stock Management
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Payroll & Accounting

With the help of Centrik health software, you can keep track of purchases, payments and expenses for your healthcare setup. Expenses and payments can be managed and controlled across both, in-patient and out-patient departments to give a holistic picture. At the same time, it makes it easier to compute staff salary based on their leave and attendance data.
The system keeps track of account payable, account receivable and general ledger also generates reports such as trail balance, balance sheet, and profit and loss statements.

  • Revenue management
  • Makes daily auditing simple
  • Handles employees payments
  • Track all employees details
  • Keep track of your finance
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More Features

Centrik health software provides you with a whole lot of exciting and outstanding features to manage all operations and activities in healthcare centers.

  • Patient Registration

    Patient Registration module is designed to manage vital information for the patient information chart, which marks the outset of demographics capture. It encompasses the patient’s name, address and contact information, birth date, employer, and insurance information.

  • Outpatient Management

    Outpatient Management module is designed to manage everything related to Outpatient activities. Straightforward Patient Billing / Insurance Claims and Collection Organized services, e.g., Consulting Services, Procedures, Medicines, X-Ray, Labs, MRI, etc

  • Inpatient Management

    Inpatient Management module is designed to manage all Inpatient department needs. Patient Demographics along with the details of Admission, Room, Consultant, Surgeon, Diet, etc. and the Advance Payment made are entered into this EHR Software.

    Easily manage admissions, discharges, and transfers
    Quickly search for and allocate a bed, ward, and room by      availability or cost
    Ensures correct discharge process is followed
    Generates comprehensive discharge summary

  • Medical Data

    Medical Data module takes care of all the medical data of the patient. Patient's intake, outtake, Medication, reading, etc.

  • Security Management

    Security Management module is used to manage software security. Protection of all system data from attack, damage and unauthorized access. Ensuring resiliance in the system from any form of intervention either internally or externally, therefore making the system reliable and efficient.

  • Billing

    Billing of all Inpatient and outpatient consultancy and services with details of Patient Information, Services provided daily like Room rent, Operation, Delivery, Oxygen & Other Gases, Consultation, Nursing Charges, Laboratory tests, X-ray, Ultrasound, Medicines, Procedures, etc.

  • Analytics & Dashboards

    Analytics & Dashboards module provides various dashboards for various roles, e.g., CEOs, Clinical Managers, Billing, and Nurses.

  • Ambulance Management

    Ambulance Management is designed to manage the ambulance services provided by the hospital. It keeps track of the hospital and external vendors' ambulances.
    Normal Care/Critical Care ambulance services
    Scheduling of Ambulance/Vehicles
    Daily running statistics of ambulances
    Managing emergency facilities provided in the ambulance

  • Accounts Management

    Accounts Management module manages various financial accounts. Financial accounts for all purchases, expenses, payments can be entered in this module. Receipts can be directly imported from the Outpatient and Inpatient department.

  • Pharmacy Management

    Pharmacy Management module is used to manage multiple pharmacies. A complete pharmacy shop can be managed through this module. Additionally, it can be linked to the main billing. As the patient collects medicines from the pharmacy shop, their charges will automatically transfer to the patient's billing.
    Oversee drug distribution, management of stock
    Receive prescriptions from consulting doctors; send dispensing unit down to a particular patient, without any need for manual intervention
    Arrangement of FIFO and LIFO dispensing methods
    Avoid incorrect distribution of medication